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Relax among meadows and forests 




Summer in Masuria

Holiday in Masuria is an excellent choice for those seeking a break from loud city atmosphere.
Nothing stimulates the appetite for life better than fresh air in the Masurian region and outdoor activities.
Every season has its charm here, but in the summer you can truly appreciate what we have to offer.
If you like bike rides you are in for a treat - we have plenty of paths in the area with various difficulty levels and amazing views.
Attractive routes in the vicinity of the Dylewskie Hills Landscape Park will lead you to unusual places and allow you to fully experience surrounding nature.
Summer is a great time not only to build your stamina and improve your condition but also to observe nature and relax by our private lake.
The surrounding forests encourage walking, and the Canoe season is underway in Plattówka.
If you prefer to go swimming and our forest lake is not enough for you, there are 2 600 lakes to choose from in the Masurian region,
and in bad weather - an aqua park with a pool and outdoor Jacuzzi just a short car ride away.

Agritourism by a forest lake

We run an ecological farm located in a picturesque valley on the border of Nature Reserve and, possibly just at the border of endless possibilities for you.
A private forest lake in Plattówka is perfect to keep you cool in the summer or for skiing and ice skating in the winter.
You can ponder over it, fish in it or swim in the healing peat water. The buildings are surrounded by a few acres of beautiful landscape.
The natural meadows and hills blend into orchard and garden with bio-dynamic vegetable patch. All our vegetables are certified as organic by 'Ekogwarancja'.
If you are looking for more adventures you can always take a stroll trough the fragrant fields, into a mysteriously dark forest surrounding a whispering brook 'Grabiczek', you can explore the gorges and secret pathways.


Inspiring cuisine

We offer typical Spanish cuisine and everyday contact with Spanish and Catalan. In the summer of 2001 at the age of 19
I decided to embark on a journey of my life. Within three days I traveled across Europe and finally got to a small town in Catalonia, Golmes.
I spend 4 amazing months there. Working with my friends and discovering the culture, food and nature. After the summer ended I returned home to go back to University, but I couldn't shake the feeling something was missing. I fell in love with Catalonia and I decided to go back. I learned the language, discovered 'new' traditions, culture and people. Catalonia became my home. I learned Spanish quickly, it took me a bit longer to learn Catalan.
I learned a lot about traditional Catalan cuisine, both from my friends and at work. Now I try to include it as often as possible
in our menu at Plattówka. In addition, in our kitchen we recreate my mother, grandmothers, aunts and friends traditional Polish recipes.
Therefore, if you want to spend your vacation in a slightly different way, we invite you to Plattówka.

“An enchanted place with a unique atmosphere, surrounded by fields and forest, allowing you to experience peace and even swim in a private lake surrounded by a forest.”


Attractions of the area




Folk Architecture Museum and Etnographic Park

Glassworks in Olsztynek



Gothic Castle

Ostróda-Elbląg Canal

Water ski lift in Ostróda




In the area

Battlefield of Grunwald

Bike trails

Dylewskie Hills Landscape Park

The atmospheric Old Town

City beach in Olsztyn

Water ski lift


Arboretum near Olsztyn

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