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The Story of Mariola Platte

Mariola was the founder and soul of this house. Those who had the pleasure to meet her know that Plattówka was her greatest passion, but not the only one. She was a poet, social activist, organizer of meetings and courses, lecturer, great cook, friend, sister, daughter, mother, life partner...
She was full of warmth and strength. This page will bring you closer to her achievements.

Creative biography

In 1981 she moved to a Masurian farm in the village of Gierzwałd, in the county of Grunwald, and since then she lived and worked in the region of Warmia and Mazury. She is a laureate of several literary competitions in the field of poetry, essay and reportage. She worked in editorial teams of regional magazines "Ziemia Ostródzka", "Perła Mazur", and for half a year published her own magazine "Dość".

She collaborated with Radio Olsztyn publishing, among others, a series of columns 'The report on the state of dreams' and 'Laughable'. She publishes stories in local magazines and is also the author of unpublished novels for adults and youth.

She wrote several poetry plays. 'Nas-troje i nie-pokoje' received an award at the Stage Fair in Łódź in 1989. A television recital was based on the spectacle in 'In the Mirror'.

She published a volume of poetry 'Four Seasons' and the jubilee publication 'The only thing I have... five years of cooperation with the cabaret 'Red Tulip''. Most of the songs recorded by this group were written by Mariola.

In July 1994, at the Stefan Jaracz Theater in Olsztyn was the premiere of the musical comedy "In our home". The soundtrack from this play, performed by friends from the cabaret and theater has, for many years, been a musical addition to numerous meetings with the author.

In May 1996 the volume "Waiting for love" was published, a year later a collection of poems and songs "When winter turns to spring" was published. This publication was financed from the fund of the Minister of Culture and Arts.

All publications are illustrated with the works of the creators of Warmia and Mazury or people who loved this region just like Mariola Platte. The volume "Souls of fogs" is a selection of poems and songs created in the period from 1997 to December 2002.

In December 2001, Mariola became the President of the Association of Polish Authors, Warmian-Masurian Branch in Ostróda. In the autumn of 2002, she received the "Meritorious Culture Activist" badge.

The next volume, "The Most Beautiful Harvest" was released in autumn 2006. It is a selection of poems and songs from all previous publications that appeared during the 25 years of the author's life in Masuria and the latest songs created until February 2006. In 2007, the poetic etude "Where to?" was created. This is a combination of prose and poetry, woven into a multimedia show created during over 20 years of friendship with Ireneusz Betlewicz.

In the next volume of "Touch - the menu of love", published in 2009, she writes about herself: 'If the distance I have traveled was measured by what others call success, I would have to say I traveled far... But if I measure it with an inner sense of fulfillment - I am only a marking stone at the side of the road, revealing the way for others'.

In 2010, Oficyna Wydawnicza Multico published the guidebook "Warmia and Mazury - tastes and flavors of agro-tourism" written and, in part photo-illustrated by Mariola Platte. It contained not only the most delicious agro-tourism facilities of the region, but also the Old Prussian legend of Puszajtis.

In 2011 'Harmony of Souls. Anthology of contemporary poetry' was published. This was a result of a competition organized together with Krzysztof P. Nowak. The anthology was published by the Warsaw Publishing Company. The book features fifty creative poets, Polish and foreign creating in Polish language, awarded in the competition.

In 2012, the Scientific Publishing House SCHOLAR published "Words perched on the hedgerow . Anthology of village poets". This book became a laureate of a competition announced by the Foundation for the Development of Polish Agriculture (FDPA) in the category of publications documenting the cultural heritage of the Polish countryside. In the publication Mariola Platte presented twenty poets related to the village and some of her latest poems.

Painting on silk

This is what my mother wrote about her latest passion:

You can explore the secrets of painting on silk in a few days or comprehend it in a few hours. I invite you to silk painting workshops, during which you will learn the technique of salt, alcohol and stained glass.

My passion began with an artistic meeting during workshops organized by the Warmian-Masurian Agrotourism Association.

I was the head of a project in which members of the association learned from the creators of the region, as well as from artists outside Warmia and Mazury. The workshops featured wickerwork, ceramics, wood carving, as well as painting on glass and... painting on silk.

The weather deteriorated rapidly and I was unable to visit the workshops that were already underway. I stayed and... soaked in the magic of silk dyeing. From that moment on, I knew that I had to create a place in my house as soon as possible to unfold the frames, complete my peace and satisfy the strong need for painting.

Scarves, shawls, ties - at the touch of my brush they change into Masurian meadows full of poppies or cornflowers. And sometimes into colorful spots flowing smoothly into designed shapes, or into cosmic landscapes, flowing from color to color, thrilling or calming... I am always curious about the effect, because I usually don't achieve the one assumed at the beginning! I enjoy improvisation, but I am equally eager to smile at tamed images that I sometimes get.

I infect anyone willing to paint on silk with my passion. Even those who hold the brush in their hands for the first time. I am particularly pleased when I manage to convince the most reluctant people. They always agree with me, after the initial hesitation - it was worth it !!! We paint curtains for girls' rooms, ethereal scarves, elegant scarves, handkerchiefs for toddlers, ties for beloved husbands and boys, five-meter bales of fabric for ball gowns... Wall paintings with views of the most beautiful dreams...

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