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Price list

It is possible to order only selected meals, e.g. breakfasts and dinners.
In this case, the price consists of the following components:

  • Accommodation: PLN 100,00 (EUR 20,00)

  • Breakfast: PLN 25,00 (EUR 6,00)

  • Lunch: PLN 50,00 (EUR 12,00)

  • Dinner PLN 30,00 (EUR 7,00)

The price for renting the private Cottage depends on the number of people:

  • 2-3 people: PLN 400 (EUR 100) per night

  • 4-6 people: PLN 500 (EUR 125) per night

  • 7-9 people: PLN 600 (EUR 150) per night

Guests of the cottage have a fully equipped kitchenette at their disposal, but they can also order meals in Plattówka, according to the price list (breakfast PLN 25 / EUR 6, lunch PLN 50 / EUR 12, dinner PLN 30 / EUR 7, evening lunch PLN 50 / EUR 12).

FM8_3600 kopia
FM8_4111 — kopia
IMG_20210812_152908 (1)
  • The price of staying in the guest rooms and cottage includes all the attractions available in the "Plattówka" (use of a several-hectare garden, bathing and fishing in our forest lake with peat water, boating, available sports equipment)

  • Guests do not incur any additional costs, i.e. we do not charge for electricity, wood for the fireplace in the cottage, etc.

  • We provide our guests with some attractions free of charge, but only if we sense that they feel like it themselves ... It can be, for example, a poetic evening, a bicycle trip around the picturesque surrounding hills and gorges, a visit to a good regional restaurant or a kayak trip lasting several hours, or an evening by the fire with dinner prepared in a cauldron ...

Please contact us - please provide the expected number of people and date of stay. We are happy to prepare a calculation for you. We offer discounts for stays longer than one month.

Prices for the New Year's Eve, Easter and the Battle of Grunwald will be agreed directly with the customer by phone or e-mail.

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